The Blue Rose

Kate Forsyth (The Wild Girl, Beauty in Thorns) brings another significant historical period to life in her newest novel, The Blue Rose.

17-year-old heiress Viviane is bound to wed within the aristocracy, however her heart belongs to the talented but impoverished David, hired by her father to create lavish new gardens for their Estate.

Torn apart from each other, Viviane is led to believe David is dead and enters a loveless marriage. David travels to China heartbroken, not realizing Viviane’s life will soon be in danger from the revolutionary fires are simmering throughout France. Hungry citizens, fueled by the stirring speeches of the infamous Robespierre, become a threat to the lives and safety of the French Royal Court and all who serve them – including Viviane.

Set against the background of the French Revolution and all its grisly horrors; the imprisoning of the King, Marie-Antoinette and their small children; the denouncing of ‘aristos’ and the murder of thousands by Guillotine, this novel moves at a fast pace taking the reader from the sumptuous gardens of Versailles to the bloody streets of Paris.

Once again Kate Forsyth weaves a story of truth and fiction, bringing to life characters of yester-year and those of her own invention. Romance, drama, historical action – The Blue Rose will keep you captivated until the final page.

The Blue Rose

Author: Kate Forsyth

Publisher: Penguin Random House