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I offer copyediting, line-editing, structural editing, proofreading and manuscript assessment. Short stories, novels, fiction or non-fiction all require an objective eye to ensure clarity, accuracy and impact.

Her advice, guidance & structural/copy editing skill has been invaluable to me.

Dr Gordon Spence, consulting and coaching psychologist.
Speaker, author and educator,

Above and beyond

Laurel Solorzano, Author. In the Shadows of the Cities

You can email me for a rate sheet at alicencetoquill@gmail.com

Beta reading

Beta Readers are invaluable for authors. When I read your manuscript, I am going to tell you how your story makes me feel as a reader. Does the plot make sense? Do I like or dislike the characters and why? What reactions do I have to the action or drama? I will give you honest feedback which only you are privy to – then you can make changes or not as you so desire. I am a beta reader for author Juliet Marillier (The Warrier Bards Trilogy)) and the Aurealis Magazine (speculative fiction stories) My fee is reasonably based on the word count and genre of your manuscript. Contact me at alicencetoquill@gmail.com for a quote.

My Beta Reader Annette McQuarrie, deserves a special mention for applying her keen eye…to the completed manuscript and the revised version within an uncomfortable tight time frame.

Juliet Marillier, Author, The Warrier Bards Trilogy, 2022


Do you struggle to write the client newsletter, create introductory emails, or imbibe some bang into the mission statement on your company website, or blog ? This is why you need me.

I will focus on your business needs, target market and tone to create the right copy for you, with you.

I’m really impressed with her work and would recommend her to anyone in business who needs a smart, talented, copywriter

Mark Farrelly, Creative Director at Mark My Words Advertising

I highly recommend her copywriting skills to create savvy and effective marketing

Tarius McArthur, Owner – Cherry Pie-American Dessert Pies

You can email me at alicencetoquill@gmail.com for more details and a rate sheet.

Book Videos

A book video can promote your story by bringing it to life. The text and accompanying audio create an experience for the senses, reaching out to established readers and inviting new ones. Watch videos HERE


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