Multi-dimensional Meditation

Meditation is something I have only dabbled with (and not very successfully) but I do enjoy visualisation, which I find positive, self-affirming and easy to do.  However, I was recently introduced to  Multi-dimensional Meditation  written by Australian author Leanne Margaret. 

It seems that she may have been targeting me personally with the following character assertions in the introduction on her website:

‘Did you know that anyone can meditate?’                          Yes – except me.

‘Even if you have a thirty-second attention span?’           Me.

‘Even if your eyes roll at the thought of sitting for an hour in lotus pose, chanting mysterious words?’                                        Also Me.

‘Even if meditation makes you want to go to sleep?’       Yep. Me.

Purchasing Multi-dimensional Meditation on my Kindle meant I didn’t have to find room on my already overstuffed book case. There are no distracting illlustrations, Leanne’s writing is simple straight-forward and friendly; and I wasn’t required to sit in a lotus pose chanting. Bonus.

‘The modern spiritual path isn’t carved from the height of lofty mountain retreats, but rather it is paved into the ordinary footsteps of our daily lives.’

This makes perfect sense to me and, during this turbulent  and distressing time as Australia struggles with destructive bushfires  and the aftermath, this book is a wonderful guide to assist you find inner calm and peace from emotional turmoil.

Whether you are a novice in need of  guidance on meditating, self-nurturing and understanding the link between mind and body, or an experienced meditation enthusiast or teacher, Multi-dimensional Meditation offers up a feast of  goodies for your mental and emotional nourishment; learn how to interpret  a dream or spontaneous meditation symbol; create your own meditation or, learn how to ‘ground’ yourself after a meditation period (a chapter I found especially helpful).

We all meditate in some way – that’s how natural it is. We just need to recognise when we are doing it’.

If you are in need of  self-love and self-care, Multi-dimensional Meditation is a wonderfully positive, enjoyable read written by an author with a solid understanding of nurturing the emotional self. For more information on Leanne Margaret, you can follow her blog at:

Multi-dimensional Meditation’ by Leanne Margaret is available through Amazon on Kindle or in Paperback (limited copies available)

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