A Practice of Loss: memoir of an abandoning mother.

by Christina Houen, A Practice of Loss, published by Ginninderra Press. 2021

In 1972, Christina received a phone call from her ex-husband with whom she shared agreed-upon custody arrangements of their three young daughters: I’m on my way to Boulder Colorado with the girls. You are a deserting wife and an abandoning mother and you’ll never see your children again!

This story of betrayal and loss has taken Christina over 20 years to write: revisiting every step of a painful journey instigated by the cruelty of her ex-husband and the appalling lack of support and legal options for divorced women.

Stories, as in life, do not always have a happy ending. The heartbreak in A Practice of Loss is very real and there is no neat ending. However, the relationship forged between Christina and her beautiful daughters as a result of the trials they suffered, is a testament to the love between them. This is a love that has endured for years and today this remarkable woman, author, mother and grandmother is surrounded by the adoring family that she fought so long and hard for.

Christina Houen is a remarkable, loving and beloved woman and a wonderful writer.

Book video: A Practice of Loss. Created by Annette McQuarrie, A Licence to Quill. With thanks to Christina Houen

You can read an excerpt of Christina’s story, and purchase the book on her website www.memoryandyou.org or through her publisher Ginninderra Press

Other Books by Christina Houen: This Place You Know (2019) Ginninderra Press

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  1. Thank you Annette! This is a beautiful testimony. I find your trailer enchanting, the music, the images, the words, and it is a precious gift in itself, as is the gift of my story and the gift of the love between me and my children and the lives we have lived. The gift that keeps on giving!

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