A Dance With Fate

The Swan Island Warriers Liobhan, Brocc and Dau,who stole our hearts in The Harp of Kings, continue their journey in the latest offering by author Juliet Marillier: A Dance With Fate.

Liobhan and Dau have enjoyed a fierce rivalry in the past and as the story opens it seems little has changed regarding their competitive natures. However, an accident during training, begins a chain of events that no-one could have foreseen.

Dau loses his sight and it appears that Liobhan is to blame for this. At least, that is how Dau’s estranged family view the incident and demand reparation, not just financial, for the crippling of a Chieftain’s son. Liobhan agrees to travel to Dau’s family home of Oakhill as a Bond Servant, as part of the payment for causing his injury. It is not an easy task. Badly injured, in pain and fearful as the childhood memory of being tortured rears up in his mind, Dau is unable to trust anyone as he is forced back to the home he escaped from and the family who do not love him.

Liobhan soon discovers that her own inner strength is possibly no match for the man who emotionally scarred Dau as a child. Both Dau and Liobhan are on their own, as this is not a mission they have no Swan Island support and Dau is sinking deeper into his nightmare.

The Crow Folk, who we met in The Harp of Kings, are still menacing humankind and fey folk. As Dau and Liobhan stumble upon strange secrets, their lives become endangered.

The more we become acquainted with his older brother Seanan, the more we can appreciate Dau’s bravery in reclaiming his confidence and his life while on Swan Island. But will this be enough to give him the strength to overcome new horrors, in order to thwart the dark deeds his brother plans to execute?

A Dance of Fate is a much darker story than the Harp of Kings. It is confidently written and at times confronting, in the cruelty that occurs. The pace is dramatic and the story line is full of twists and turns keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. Juliet Marillier has once again created a thrilling, deeply layered story revealing a world where the deepest cruelty and the greatest sacrifices can be found.

A Dance with Fate 2020 Pan Macmillan, Australia. Available now

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