Book Review – A Song of Flight

by Juliet Marillier, PanMacmillan 2021

A Song of Flight is the third book  in the Warrior Bards Trilogy by award-winning author Juliet Marillier. Readers of The Harp of Kings and A Dance of Fate, (PanMacmillan)  will be familiar with the  main protagonists: flame-haired warrior Liobhan, her brother Brocc and the handsome and enigmatic Dau.

When the heir to the Dalridian throne, is abducted, King Oran enlists the Swan Island Warriors for the rescue mission. Liobhan, Dau and Brocc all have an important part to play in the search for the Prince Aolu.  But none of them are working  together and it will take a great deal more than luck to ensure their survival.

The prince’s bodyguard and companion, Galen, is seriously injured during the abduction. For Liobhan, this is now  personal as Galen is her younger brother.  Dau’s part of the mission is to play a role he loathes – being the son of a powerful Chieftain, and  beyond the human realm, Brocc’s secret assignations with the Crow Folk  lead to a violent confrontation. Old foes and a new enemy conspire to create an uncanny threat to all humankind, with the mysterious Crow Folk more dangerous than ever.

Juliet Marillier has once again woven an intricately layered story. For readers familiar with the origins of the Swan Island Warriors and the ancestry of Liobhan and Brocc, the artistry in which Marillier has developed these journeys through previous books  is nothing short of magical. Her writing is lyrical, the drama well-paced and the characters we know and love, always manage to surprise us. Once again, Juliet Marillier has delivered a book that begs not to be put down after each chapter. Submit and fly into a world of warriors, monsters, love, and sacrifice – you won’t be disappointed.

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