Do You Have Anything Less Domestic? Emilie Collyer

woman with burning tree

The poetry of Emilie Collyer in her latest book ‘Do You Have Anything Less Domestic'(Vagabond Press 2022) takes the reader on a journey; we are the silent observer of her private life: an alcoholic father, the trials of step-parenting; the invasiveness of cancer – Emilie is the kind of wonderful writer who puts it all on the line. She shares everything with the reader in a way that makes you want to weep and laugh at the same time.

‘If I live long enough
I might die in this room.
will I be embarrassed-
slack-mouthed corpse, dust pool corners?
If I’d known you were coming I’d have tidied up’.

The book is sectioned under headings, four of which were personally directed to Emilie : ‘Do You Have Anything Less Domestic’; Don’t write about Your Family, Nobody Cares’; ‘It’s Important To Keep Up Weight-Bearing exercise’; ‘You have a Nice Smile, You Should Use It More Often’ and she responds brilliantly with the ensuing poems.

Unravelling the storylines and putting the pieces together. I admire Emilie’s syntax, rhythm, imagery and her ability to say so much with so little. She humbles me with her writing and I read and re-read her poems, finding something new each time.
The fifth ‘chapter’ ‘I Hope I Won’t Put Anyone Off By Saying This Is Genuinely Feminist’ is a powerful collection of poetry, some inspired by stories of classical women – Gunnlod, Penelope, Elektra, the Furies (female chthonic deities of vengeance in ancient Greek religion and mythology).

Three poems (Norgs, Old Blood, Oncology)explore the discovery and onset of breast cancer – a survivor’s story. Glimpses of the emotional journey and the physical.  I applaud these true poets who lay out their lives before us like a sacrificial offering.

I love Emilie’s feminist writing and envy her ability. She is an inspiring writer with many poems and plays under her professional belt. You can read more about her
Purchase ‘Do You Have AnyThing Less Domestic?’ published by Vagabond Press 2022. IBSN9781925735406

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